The Kingdom of Gwynedd - The Oldest Dagorhir Unit and one of the Oldest Foam Fighting Groups!


This page and the website are dedicated In loving memory of DeVere Armstrong Sturm, III better know as Iskandar the Grim Alfather of the Kensmen, He watches over us from Vahalla! The Alfather died on Febuary 29th, 2012 He will be missed by all and we thank him for what he has given to us and we the Kensmen will do our best to live up to his example and to one day join him in Vahalla.

The rank and title of Kensmen is that of an ancient and noble lineage that is traced back to Iskandar the All Father of the kensmen.

"Iskandar the All Father of the kensmen"

(This link is to the PDF of The Lines of the Kensmen)

In an early time of severe religious and political strife in the Kingdom, the then Queen of Gwynedd HRM Queen Rayne Wyndhaven had need of a rank or title of such importance to establish and maintain a balance of power in the Kingdom, and especially within it's army. Thus, the title of Kensman was created and has since flourished in this most wild and passionate Kingdom known as Gwynedd.

The coming of the Kensman did indeed have the desired effect upon the populace, giving the pagan people of the Kingdom a title in which they could be most proud of. The Kensman title by some was thought to have been just that, a title. However Iskandar and his compatriots immediately took this to new levels and saw to it that they were a match for any Knight .

In so doing so he was able to raise his people to new heights and privilege never before known to pagans in this, or any, most Holy Christian Kingdom. 

In so doing this he has forever changed the destiny of the Kingdom of Gwynedd and that of the Tribes and of Anglesey and more.
To his memory, and to that of all the fierce and noble kensmen who have followed, do we dedicate these inviolate customs regarding the title Kensman of Gwynedd.