The Kingdom of Gwynedd - The Oldest Dagorhir Unit and one of the Oldest Foam Fighting Groups!


Welcome to the Kingdom of Gwynedd, we are the oldest active foam fighting groups in the world.  The group was founded in the early 80’s in Woodbridge, VA.  Gwynedd was originally based out of the White Dragon Hobby Shop and started as The Free Company of Gwynedd.

Members of our Kingdom at the Gwynedd Cookout 2012

Over time, the kingdom has gone through many changes; most of them for the good of the group, and some not so good, but in the end the heart of Gwynedd has risen to face it's enemies and challenges  no matter who or what they may have been.

Current rulers of the Kingdom are HRM King Cerrydan Wyndhaven & HRM Queen Lilith Wyndhaven may they rule in peace -- and the lands prosper. Gwynedd is more then just a Dagorhir group, it is a family that will last through the ages, as it will live on in the hearts and souls of the loyal, forever.

Ever since day one our main goal has been to have fun!  Aside frrom having fun, however, our Kensmen, Knights, and members of the kingdom strive to be better people and to be a part of something so special that was lost so long ago. 

So if you think you have what it takes, then come and join us and be part of the legend!

Princess Niobi of House Haldane

Gwynedd HotLine
(571) 989-1097


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Welcome to Gwynedd

Now Take a Big Drink...

HRM King Cerrydan & HRM Queen Lilith Wyndhaven

Iskandar the Grim Alfather of the Kensmen
Died 02/29/2012 He will be missed but never forgotten